Exhibit Listing - March 2, 2017

Public ExhibitIn Camera ExhibitDescription of ExhibitDate Entered into EvidenceWitness Entered Under
P-0704Ten Codes - Revised 94-02-082-Mar-17Mark Oram
P-0708Pers response, CRFO response and the CNI response received by Mark Oram in his v-mail on April 5, 20152-Mar-17Mark Oram
P-0765Oram vmail and dispatch transcript - July 20162-Mar-17Mark Oram
P-0766Training History and Certificate of Training for Mark Oram2-Mar-17Mark Oram
P-0767Position Description Questionnaire pertaining to position of Mark Oram2-Mar-17Mark Oram
P-0744Use of Force Review dated October 12, 2015 completed by Wayne Knapman2-Mar-17Wayne Knapman
P-0745PEER Review signed by Cpl. Darren Slaunwhite 2-Mar-17Wayne Knapman
P-0746Email dated September 15, 2015 (11:41 AM) from Angela Corscadden to Steve Burke regarding Opinion Report - Officer Involved Shooting Review - Request for further material2-Mar-17Wayne Knapman
P-0747Letter dated August 5, 2015 from Steve Burke to Wayne Knapman regarding Dunphy Sudden Death, RCMP Pros File #2015-3761862-Mar-17Wayne Knapman