Exhibit Listing - February 13, 2017

Public ExhibitIn Camera ExhibitDescription of ExhibitDate Entered into EvidenceWitness Entered Under
P-0537Chris Saunders Ident Occurrence Report 13-Feb-17Chris Saunders
P-0538Curriculum Vitae, Chris Saunders13-Feb-17Chris Saunders
P-0539Kelly Lee notebook notes dated April 5, 2015 - April 10, 201513-Feb-17Chris Saunders
P-0540Typed notes of Kelly Lee dated April 9, 201513-Feb-17Chris Saunders
P-0541Typed notes of Kelly Lee dated April 10, 2015 regarding video re-enactment with Joe Smyth at Dunphy residence13-Feb-17Chris Saunders
P-0542Sketches of Dunphy residence by Kelly Lee13-Feb-17Chris Saunders
P-0543Kelly Lee Ident continuation Report 13-Feb-17Chris Saunders
P-0544Forensic Identification Occurrence Report of Kelly Lee 13-Feb-17Chris Saunders
P-0548Chris Saunders notebook notes dated April 5, 2015- April 6, 201513-Feb-17Chris Saunders
P-0559Email dated April 20, 2015 (11:17 AM) from Kent Osmond to Chris Saunders copied to Kelly Lee and Steve Burke regarding Dunphy Scene13-Feb-17Chris Saunders
P-0560Email dated June11, 2015 (8:19 PM) from Kent Osmond to Steve Burke, Kelly Lee and Chris Saunders regarding Donald Dunphy File13-Feb-17Chris Saunders
P-0562Email dated June 11, 2015 (10:08 PM) from Pat Cahill to Steve Burke regarding Dunphy/reply to Erin Breen13-Feb-17Chris Saunders