Exhibit Listing - January 25, 2017

Public ExhibitIn Camera ExhibitDescription of ExhibitDate Entered into EvidenceWitness Entered Under
P-0291Use of Force Reports by Cst. Joseph Smyth25-Jan-17Joseph Smyth
P-0105Handwritten Notes of Witness X dated April 5, 201525-Jan-17Witness X
P-0106Supplementary Occurrence Report dated April 4, 2015 of Witness X regarding Folder 003 - Scene Security25-Jan-17Witness X
P-0107Statement Notes of Cst. Robert Fudge dated September 1, 201625-Jan-17Witness X
P-0226Handwritten Notes dated April 5, 2015, Trevor O'Keefe25-Jan-17Trevor O'Keefe
P-0227Statement dated August 31, 2016 of Trevor O'Keefe25-Jan-17Trevor O'Keefe
P-0228Supplementary Occurrence Report dated April 5, 2015 of Trevor O'Keefe25-Jan-17Trevor O'Keefe
P-0229Supplementary Occurrence Report dated April 10, 2015 of Trevor O'Keefe25-Jan-17Trevor O'Keefe
P-0230Scene Notes from Cst. Adrian Cox25-Jan-17Trevor O'Keefe
P-0231Email dated April 14, 2015 (12:51 PM) from Sgt. Kent Osmond to Rod Tiller regarding Contact with Smyth25-Jan-17Trevor O'Keefe
P-0232ASIRT Report pages 8 and 925-Jan-17Trevor O'Keefe
P-0283Audit Request dated April 5, 2015, of PROS Activity by Cpl. Trevor O'Keefe and Cst. Adrian Cox in relation to Mr. Donald Dunphy25-Jan-17Trevor O'Keefe
P-0302General Report of Lee Lush dated March 30, 201225-Jan-17Trevor O'Keefe