Exhibit Listing - January 30, 2017

Public ExhibitIn Camera ExhibitDescription of ExhibitDate Entered into EvidenceWitness Entered Under
P-0282Business Card of Lee Lush 27-Jan-17Lee Lush
P-0259Notebooks notes of Kelly Downey dated April 5, 2015 30-Jan-17Kelly Downey
P-0018RNC Policy and Procedure Manual - Deaths - GO 293 - dated January 16, 201230-Jan-17Mike Adams
P-0277Investigational Findings/Record Book of Mike Adams 30-Jan-17Mike Adams
P-0278 Audio Statement of Mike Adams dated April 7, 201530-Jan-17Mike Adams
P-0279RNC, Appendix 31 - Critical Incident Stress Debriefing 30-Jan-17Mike Adams
P-0280Supplementary Occurrence Report of Monty Henstridge dated April 22, 2015 regarding Folder 094 - 2nd Statement of Richard Dunphy30-Jan-17Mike Adams
P-0281Excerpt from RCMP Daily Log, Monty Henstridge, dated April 5, 2015 (14:28:00) 30-Jan-17Mike Adams
P-0293Pages 1 and 2 were provided by Mike Adams from his RNC Investigational Findings/Record Book titled “Critical Incident Stress Information Sheets"; Page 3 is from the RNC Investigational Findings/Record Book and is provided as reference purposes only for the clarity of the page30-Jan-17Mike Adams
P-0385Supplementary Occurrence Report of Monty Henstridge dated April 7, 2015 regarding Folder 031 - Statement of A/Insp. Mike Adams30-Jan-17Mike Adams
P-0386Excerpt from RCMP statement of Lisa Smyth dated April 7, 201530-Jan-17Mike Adams
P-0267Statement of Warren Sullivan dated 2015-04-0730-Jan-17Warren Sullivan
P-0268Excerpt from Joe Smyth's cell phone records pertaining to Warren Sullivan30-Jan-17Warren Sullivan
P-0269Supplementary report of Monty Henstridge dated April 6, 201530-Jan-17Warren Sullivan
P-0270RNCA Minutes of Executive Meeting dated April 7, 201530-Jan-17Warren Sullivan
P-0304Excerpt from Warren Sullivan's cell phone records30-Jan-17Warren Sullivan